My item is on backorder - what does this mean?

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If the item you're looking to order is currently out of stock - don't worry! You can place a backorder to ensure that the stock is reserved for you when our next restock arrives. Your order will be despatched as soon as the stock becomes available, before this is placed back onto the website.

There will be a notification message in place on the product page if the item is due to be a backorder - just above the 'add to bag' button. This will be stated again during the checkout process. Please check this carefully before continuing, so that you're absolutely sure if you'd like to place a backorder before completing checkout. This should also be stated on your confirmation email once the purchase is complete.

Your backorder will be despatched with the shipping method selected at checkout, so for example, you are welcome to select and pay for next day delivery and the order will be delivered to you the next working day after the restock arrives.

If you have any questions regarding your backorder, please contact our friendly team via email at (please include your order number in the email) who will be happy to assist.

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