What can your customer service team assist me with?

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Whether it's an order related query, advice on what shade/ product would best suit you or a question about your Milk + Blush extensions, our customer service team are more than happy to assist you at hello@milkandblush.com and aim to respond within one business day.

Order Query

Be sure to include your order number (this can be found on your confirmation email) along with your address so that the team can find your information quickly and efficiently.

Shade Match

Our team are happy to assist you with a shade match over email. To ensure they give you the closest match possible and get this just right for you they would need to see some photos of your hair outside, in natural lighting.

We find the below tips really help us find the closest match for you:

- Ensure your hair is worn down and the pictures show all of your hair, opt for head and shoulder shots instead of close-ups

- Natural outdoor lighting is ideal, but no direct sunlight

- A snap showing all of your hair from the back would be really helpful

For an insight on all our shades, be sure to check out this video.

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