My tracking info shows my order has been delivered, but I haven't received it. What should I do?

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If your tracking information indicates that your order has been delivered, but you haven't accepted it from the courier and aren't sure how to locate it, please follow the below steps before contacting our customer care team. Thank you!

  1. Check for specific delivery information on your tracking page

    When your tracking information indicates that the item has been delivered, this means the courier has marked the item as being delivered and handed over to the recipient or their address. On some occasions, this may mean that the item has been accepted by another member of your household, a neighbour, left in a safe space or is being held at your local delivery office. Your tracking information should state this information, but if it doesn't, please check all of the possible alternatives in the first instance.
  2. Double-check your shipping address

    If there are any mistakes on the address inputted at checkout for your order, this may affect your delivery. You can check the address which was printed onto your package by checking your order confirmation email or logging into your customer account. In the instance that an incorrect shipping address was provided to us, Milk+Blush cannot be held accountable for mis-delivered packages. If you believe your package was delivered to an incorrect address, we recommend trying to get in touch with the residents of that address to see if they have accepted the package, or would be able to do so on your behalf. Otherwise, keep an eye on the tracking information provided to see if it updates to show the package is being returned to sender. If this is the case, please email us at and we can arrange next steps with you.
  3. Contact your local courier service directly

    Once your order is despatched from our warehouse, Milk+Blush only has access to the same information as you do via your tracking page. Kindly note we do not have access to any additional information on the exact whereabouts of your item, so you would need to submit an enquiry to the relevant postal service (Royal Mail for UK orders) to see if they can offer further details outside of your provided tracking information. If your relevent postal service has confirmed to you that they consider the item to be lost/stolen, please contact us via email at with a copy of your correspondence confirming the loss/theft so that we can submit a claim on your behalf and assist you further.

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