How Do I Revive My Old Hair Extensions?

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We understand that buying hair extensions is an investment and one that you’ll really want to look after. With these tips you’ll be able to make your set last even longer. There's a few things we can suggest to keep the quality of the hair as long lasting as possible.

A gentle note: We usually advise to avoid getting the hair wet, but in certain circumstances such as extreme product build up in an old set, we would wash the hair to ensure we can get all product out and the hair back to its natural quality. We hope this helps.
Attempting to revive your set is done at your own discretion. We cannot accept responsibility for any unwanted results. Under no circumstances do we accept returns on hair which has been washed or exposed to water. Full info here.

Check out our handy video tutorial: How To Revive Old Hair Extensions

We're also sharing all of our tips and tricks on how to revive your old extensions over on our blog.

Step by step:

Step 1- fill a bowl with warm water and add a small quantity of shampoo (oil infused if possible). mix the shampoo into the water thoroughly.

Step 2- wash each weft one at a time, start by dipping it into the water, and using your fingers to rub the product out of the hair, rinse and repeat until you feel the weft is product free.

Step 3- empty out the bowl, and repeat the same method but this time with conditioner, ensuring you rinse out the product thoroughly

Step 4- lay each weft out on a dry towel

Step 5- use a small amount of the silicone spritz on each weft (we would suggest putting it onto your hand, and then massaging it into the hair, so you can control the amount you're putting into the hair. A little goes a long way!)

Step 6- let the hair air dry, this could take 1-2 days.

Step 7- once the hair is dry, spray with heat protectant, helping protect the hair in the long run.

Step 8- brush the hair with a tangle teaser, and straighten to seal in the silicone spritz.

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