Do I Need To Wash My Extensions?

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Take care of your hair extensions by keeping them dry!

One of the biggest myths about clip-in hair extensions is that you need to wash them just as much as your regular hair, but this definitely isn’t true! In fact, getting your extensions wet can really dry them out, so we recommend avoiding this as much as possible. If you only use super lightweight products, you shouldn't get too much product build-up that you feel you need to wash out anyway.

Instead, it’s much safer to revive them with some Silicone Spritz which will help to replenish any moisture lost to heat styling and will totally refresh your set. You’ll only need to do this every few months but it’ll help to soften the hair, detangle the lengths and add loads of shine. If you're a hair extension fan, we’ve got a super useful tutorial here showing you how to use Silicone Spritz.

For more information, take a look at our full guide on how to care for your hair extensions here.

A kind note: we do not accept returns on extensions which have been washed or exposed to water. Deciding to wash your extensions is done at your own discretion and, for the sake of clarity, we recommend avoiding this as much as possible.

Can I use dry shampoo on my extensions?

Using dry shampoo on your extensions is something we strongly recommend against.

Dry shampoo is designed to dry out and reduce sebum in the hair. Our own natural growing hair has a regular supply of sebum, which helps keep hair soft, but can also make hair greasy. Hair extensions don't easily build-up with natural sebum, so if usually your extensions feel greasy this will be because of product build-up. Dry shampoo isn't designed to remove product build-up and could instead cause considerable damage to your hair extensions.

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