What is a Quad Weft?

Updated 5 months ago by Rebecca

A quad weft is the newest and most convenient type of weft. We're really proud of this type of weft because we were the first brand to design and manufacture it. This type of weft is now an industry standard favoured by celebs and stylists. 

Instead of just one row of hair used to make a clip-in hair extension, four rows of hair are sewn onto a soft mesh. This means you can have more hair on the extension piece with fewer clips. Instead of four individual wefts with four times the clips, the same amount of hair is placed onto one weft.

The advantages of a quad weft include:

- A more natural way to achieve thicker, fuller hair styles

- Reduces that "hair extension" appearance from your hair style

- Lengthens and thickens the hair with fewer pieces of hair to hide

- More hair, fewer clips for a more comfortable clip-in extension

- Perfect for achieving more premium looking hair styles

- Available as an individual piece for boosting a full head set

- Also available as a set of extensions for exceptional results

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