Shade Names: Old Vs new

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If you've been a loyal Milk + Blush customer over the years you may have noticed that, over time, we've had the odd name change for our shades. The shades themselves have not changed from a manufacturing point of view, only the names have changed. In case you're unsure on what's what, here is a list below of all the old and new shade names:

New Name
Old Name

Jet Black

Fame or Shame

Dark Brown

Love This Feeling

Chocolate Brown

Sweet Like Chocolate

Light Brown

Hot Toffee

Dark Sandy Blonde

With A Tan

Warm Blonde

St Tropez

Light Sandy Blonde

L.A. Blonde

Bleached Blonde

Oh My Gwen Stefani

Brown Blonde Highlighted

Honey Hustle

Medium Blonde Highlighted

Rich and Famous

Beach Blonde Highlighted


Light Blonde Highlighted


Natural Black

Good Vibes

Cherry Red

I Said Red

Medium Sandy Blonde

Weekend In Malibu

Neutral to Dye

Dye It Yourself

Rich Auburn Hair

I Think We're Alone Now

Sandy Blonde Highlighted

Second Base

Warm Blonde Highlighted

Parisian Dreams

Subtle Brunette Highlighted

Sweetie Darling

Bronde Highlighted

She Stole My Look

Cappuccino Ombre

Oh My Ombre

Toffee Ombre

Bel Air Baby!

Sandy Ombre

Surf's Up

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