How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Updated by Milk+Blush

The lifespan of the hair extensions we stock is determined by how they are cared for and maintained. With correct care and usage, our hair extensions usually last from 3 months to a year. The amount of times you wear your extensions and the products used on them are key factors which determine the lifespan of the hair extensions.

Here at Milk + Blush, we stock a Silicone Spritz which can be used on our hair extensions. This is a silicone coating which can increase the lifespan and usage frequency of the hair extensions, while also maintaining softness. We recommend the use of the Silicone Spritz as part of your extension care routine.

The Silicone Spritz can also be used, when necessary, revive your extensions. You can find out more about how to revive your extensions to here.

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