Do You Stock Wavy Or Curly Extensions?

Updated by Milk+Blush

Unfortunately we don't stock ready curled or waved hair extensions. This is due to the way the hair extensions are made, how it would damage the hair, and how the quality therefore wouldn't live up to the high standards we set here at Milk + Blush.

Before being turned into extensions all the hair is collected and sorted into different lengths, so hair from one person will be sorted according to length and then used in different hair extension sets. This means that tight curls, loose curls, waves etc all get mixed up and the hair would then need to be permed in order to make the curls look the same. The perming process is very damaging and, once permed, the hair extensions just don't last as long as non-permed hair.

Milk + Blush's clientele add the curls to the hair themselves using tongs, which keeps the hair in the best possible condition as it isn't as damaging as perming. This also means you can adjust it to match your own hair perfectly.

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