Can I dye the extensions I bought from you?

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Milk+Blush hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and can, therefore, be dyed up to two shades darker or you may be able to apply a toner.

Being super careful with your hair extensions are dyed is very important to ensure the quality of your set is preserved. Naturally, dyeing or toning hair extensions can alter the quality of the set slightly, however we'll provide you with the most important hints and tips for dyeing your extensions to ensure that your set lives a long and healthy life. Be sure to check out this video for more info on how best to dye your extensions safely.

Kindly note, since our seamless extensions are made with silicone at the base to ensure that the wefts are thin and flat, this material does not take to dye. If you dye your Seamless extensions, the silicone strip will remain its original colour after dyeing. Alternatively, our classic extensions have a lace fabric base which can be dyed as it will take to the colour.

If you need to dye your extensions more than 2 shades darker, pre-pigmenting prior to dyeing will be required. Pre-pigmenting can be a little tricky to do at home, we recommend speaking to your stylist about this.

Hair extensions cannot be bleached or lightened. The hair has already been through a chemical process and any additional lightening is likely to affect the condition of the hair. Bleaching and lightening damages our own hair but we have a natural supply of sebum oils to help replenish and restore the hair, hair extensions do not have this natural supply.

Importantly we recommend that a strand test is completed prior to dyeing, and always follow the dye manufacturer's instructions and the Milk + Blush dye guide.

If you are unsure about dyeing the extensions then your stylist will be most helpful. Most stylists will have experience of dying hair extensions and can avoid many of the pitfalls associated with box dyes.

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