Can I dye the extensions I bought from you?

Updated 2 months ago by Rebecca

Hair Extensions from Milk + Blush can be dyed up to 2 shades darker or you may be able to apply a toner.

If you need to dye your extensions more than 2 shades darker, pre-pigmenting prior to dyeing will be required. Pre-pigmenting can be a little tricky to do at home, we recommend speaking to your stylist about this.

Hair extensions cannot be bleached or lightened. Importantly we recommend that a strand test is completed prior to dyeing, and always follow the dye manufacturer's instructions and the Milk + Blush dye guide.

If you are unsure about dyeing the extensions then your stylist will be most helpful. Most stylists will have experience of dying hair extensions and can avoid many of the pitfalls associated with box dyes.

Be sure to check out this video for more info on how best to dye your extensions safely.

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